Whether you do your only wedding makeup or you confiiez your face a beautician, he will, like the hairstyle, you will take a little ahead … With a few tips and a little patience the result of your wedding makeup will necessarily enjoyable to watch. Think for that unforgettable day that sobriety is the key word.

Make at least one wedding makeup test simultaneously tested hairstyle. They even better harmonize. Take your appointment beauty about 3 months before (and testing session of D-Day).

For a radiant complexion and features rested, enjoy a relaxing session in the institute. We recommend a bang care (exfoliation, gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and chase the gloom followed by an intense hydration and gentle massage).

Do not do anything before going to the beautician. In the morning, just apply a moisturizing cream fluid makeup but not you. The beautician will begin with a “magic” bulb that holds makeup. During the test session, you will have already submitted the style of dress and accessories. It will only have to make the final makeup.

Wedding Makeup Tutorial: Natural Beauty For Your Big Day

On your wedding day approaches and you are to take stock: buffet ok, ok Aliances dress ok, ok … And for hair makeup what solution? Obviously, you can use a makeup pro for day or you can offer a make-up coaching to learn how to do it alone. A good solution to finally learn the basics of a successful makeup, but also to be able to touch up on your wedding day. Tips that will help you in the long run (which makes you a perfect future wife). The professional makeup artists agency SLG  Makeup Paris offers this type of service, we appealed to them. Elise, our bride (we think of it May 2), has tested this coaching.

Step by step, Alex, the makeup artist explained to him how to perform a setting of natural beauty. The bride wants a discrete outcome because it is not used much makeup everyday. After seeing the makeup what style would suit him according to her dress, accessories and hairstyle, they set to work. Before attacking the makeup properly a point is made about the care to do to make her skin glow the necessary D-Day Then the make-up takes place in three essential steps: skin, eyes and lips. The work of the foundation is the longest, because we want a result nude while covering imperfections and ensuring that the results fit to the end of the night. The idea is not to feel the dress on her wedding day, one has to feel good and keep in mind that a souvenir of photos throughout our lives. The eyes should be piercing with a makeup that knows how to forget. For the make-up of Elise, Alex has a gradient from brown chocolate copper.

Prior to powder during the day, make sure to remove excess oil on the skin (to avoid powder packets very unsightly). To do so, use blotting papers found in all beauty shops OR then cigarettes sheets (yes, yes it works too). An economical solution!

To create a natural doe eyes, forget the false eyelashes band not quite natural and let yourself might consider the eyelash to eyelash very discreet.

Avoid makeup inside the eye, a technique that tends to shrink the look.

10 competition for 10 years: Urban Decay

Obviously Urban, as say the people who work there, of course! Ca closing these 10 contests with a brand I love for years, and that for me is THE reference for eyeshadows.

I use these shadows for over 7 years and years I can not count the number of videos made with pallets Urban Decay. The first of these tutorials was also in pictures, I have opened my YouTube channel shortly after.

Now when I go on weekends or pro déplacment I carry my Naked 2 without asking any questions (my god, she’s already 4 years).

And then there was this magic moment, there are just over 3 years, when the CEO at the time invited me to join them in IMATS in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful trip which I still am not called – and I have been completely obsessed California!

More recently, I went through them and Kiehl’s the American Film Festival in Deauville; I discovered at that time that if the makeup is really good, I love that makeup me 😉

It is a mark close to my heart for the people who make it and the quality of what they do.

They proposed to save you the following 10 products + 1 brand of a friend:

– The Naked Palette 1
– The Naked 2 Palette
– The mascara Perversion
– A gloss in the color of your choice
– A lipstick in the color of your choice
– 24/7 pencils (Glide On)
– Naked Flushed palette Streak (my favorite 😉
– The Primer Potion in Sin Minor (new discrete color)
– Moondust of makeup for the color that we have not in the Naked 😉
– A makeup kit badged Urban Decay and containing test doses
… And 1 bottle of oil Cleansing Shu Uemura to remove it all before bedtime!

Once more it rocks eh?

To enter, leave a comment saying what your favorite Naked, if any; you have until Monday, October 26 at 19h!